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Android App is ready

New step accomplished ! App Android is up and running.

One last function is ready before packing for Tomorrowland Winter !
Developed to be able to activate each button but also to send live text to the iotsnowboard.
From now, dealing with brightness is as easy as use a slider.

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Bluetooth in

Inspired by some feed back received, controlling the board, at least, be able to send a message straight is a good improvement to dev.
Based on some tutorials, it could be possible to find out and integrate this.

First step is to let communicate – Neopixel WS 2812 LED Strip With Arduino Controlled by Bluetooth. this should be availble from Android or Iphone

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Code AudioAnalyzer

#include <AudioAnalyzer.h>
//Version 1.3 for Spectrum analyzer
//Please download the latest library from the Product page!

int FreqVal[Maxband];//

uint32_t aus =  matrix->Color(0,0,0);
uint32_t gr =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t grb =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t grbl =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t gbl =   matrix->Color(255, 125, 0);   //orange
uint32_t bl =  matrix->Color(255, 102, 0);   //orange
uint32_t blr =  matrix->Color(255, 255, 0);   //jaune
uint32_t blro = matrix->Color(0, 255, 0) ;     //jaune
uint32_t bro =  matrix->Color(51, 255, 0);   //vert
uint32_t ro =  matrix->Color(51, 204, 0);   //vert
uint32_t rog =  matrix->Color(51, 153, 0);   //vert


void audioloop()
  Audio.ReadFreq(FreqVal);//return 7 value of 7 bands pass filiter 
                          //Frequency(Hz):63  160  400  1K  2.5K  6.25K  16K
                          //FreqVal[]:      0    1    2    3    4    5    6  
  for(int i=0;i<Maxband;i++)