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Code AudioAnalyzer

#include <AudioAnalyzer.h>
//Version 1.3 for Spectrum analyzer
//Please download the latest library from the Product page!

int FreqVal[Maxband];//

uint32_t aus =  matrix->Color(0,0,0);
uint32_t gr =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t grb =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t grbl =  matrix->Color(255,0,0);   //rouge (TOP)
uint32_t gbl =   matrix->Color(255, 125, 0);   //orange
uint32_t bl =  matrix->Color(255, 102, 0);   //orange
uint32_t blr =  matrix->Color(255, 255, 0);   //jaune
uint32_t blro = matrix->Color(0, 255, 0) ;     //jaune
uint32_t bro =  matrix->Color(51, 255, 0);   //vert
uint32_t ro =  matrix->Color(51, 204, 0);   //vert
uint32_t rog =  matrix->Color(51, 153, 0);   //vert


void audioloop()
  Audio.ReadFreq(FreqVal);//return 7 value of 7 bands pass filiter 
                          //Frequency(Hz):63  160  400  1K  2.5K  6.25K  16K
                          //FreqVal[]:      0    1    2    3    4    5    6  
  for(int i=0;i<Maxband;i++)            
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This Audio Analyzer module features the MSGEQ7 graphic equalizer display filter. It will give your Arduino ears. Sound is broken down into seven frequency bands and the peak level for each band can be read. The seven frequencies measured are as follows: 63Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.25kHz, and 16kHz.  This Audio Analyzer module can be used to create sound visualizers, detect patterns in music, or add sound activation to your microcontroller.

Audio Analyzer Module, Connection Diagram Connection Diagram


  • Detect patterns in music – make a robot dance!
  • Process the values read, then display on LEDs as a soothing visualization which changes with the music.
  • Pimp the interior lighting in your car so it pumps to the beat and twinkles to the high hats. 
  • Create / listen for fingerprints in certain sounds – voice analysis. 


  • Voltage:5V
  • Size:30x20mm(1.18×0.79″)
  • Weight: 5 grams


Project 1: How to Make Music IQ Led Lights with arduino board?

This Music IQ Led Lights with arduino board is an application based on an individually addressable LED strip.

The things you need to do this project:

Audio Analyzer*1

Analog sound sensor*2

RGB individually addressable LED strip *1

Beetle – The Smallest Arduino Microcontroller *1

Project 2: How to Make a Portable Toy Speaker?

This 3D printing portable toy speaker is made for fun on Valentine’s day. Now let’s share with you the making method.

The things you need to do this project:

Audio Analyzer*1
Analog sound sensor*1
3d printer*1



  • Audio Analyzer Module x1
  • Analog Cable x2
  • Digital Cable x1